Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Plain fluffy rice

Boiled rice is the healthiest. It's reddish or brown in colour. Very good for making kanji to sort out stomach upsets and fevers. But if you buy the regular rice, Take two katoris of uncooked rice, clean it, wash it. Wash it more than three times or I will get sick and die. That's what a little girl told Aunty Lina next door and she told me that now she washes her rice five or six times since she forgets to keep count. I did likewise, even  after Mama died, so that wherever she was, she would be happy and healthy. But back to the rice.

Fill a vessel with water about a couple of inches from the top. Set your timer for 10 minutes.Once the water comes to a rolling boil, boiling all over the place, tilt the vessel with the washed rice into the boiling water. Don't drop it from a height because you can get splashed with the boiling water. Easiest is to touch the vessel with the washed rice to the boiling water, allow some water to enter the vessel, swirl it around and let the rice gently slide into the boiling water. Do the swirl thing until all the rice grains are in the boiling water.  Gather some boiling water in the washed rice container and keep it aside for later use. Sprinkle a thumb-forefinger-middlefinger-ring-finger pinch of salt and sprinkle it over the boiling rice water.Stir then if the water boils over, turn the flame a little low. Keep timer for 10 mins again. After 6 or 8 minutes add the boiled water you kept aside.

You should test and taste a couple of grains boiling away. If the grain is soft but firm, it's ready to take off the stove. Now keep a basin in the sink. The rice water is very healthy. You can drink it, or give it to a stray dog in your neighbourhood. I water down Paklo's lunch with rice water. Used to do it for Cutie Pie too and she lived long and prospered.

Place the lid on the cooked rice vessel. Holding vessel and lid tightly together, turn the vessel upside down so that the rice water flows into the basin. When all the water has flowed out of the cooked rice, keep the vessel inclined upside, propped against something firm. After 10 minutes, the rice is ready to be forked and served. 

When you overboil the rice
Turn the stove off, take a glass or two of cold water and pour it all over the overcooked rice. Swirl it around and then drain. The rice generally turns out fine, unless you've cooked it to a paste, then just add sugar, chopped almonds, milk and cream and make it a nice rice pudding.