Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cheese smothered sunny side up egg

Heat  a frying pan, pour a little oil, spread all over, pour out the excess oil. When the oil gets hot, break an egg into it, spread out the white of the egg so it cooks uniformly sprinkle sea salt and pepper. Lift the egg on to a plate. Arrange slices of Kraft cheese over it. I say Kraft cos I used Kraft cheese today. Take two slices of bread and toast them lightly on the pan. You can lift the egg smothered with cheese on to one slice and cover with the other slice. It's absolute heaven. Or you can eat the genteel way with a fork, egg and cheese and a nibble of bread. Really, totally sets you on your feet for the day. I've finished dinner and I'm still thinking affectionate thoughts of this morning's breakfast :D

MOIST AND FLAVOURSOME - This pic is pretty close to what I cooked up this morning

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