Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CHICKEN A LA MOI (best in world and easiest to cook)

Those chicken pieces that were marinated in masalas, curd etc? Defrost them. When it gets to room temperature, put a pan on the stove. 

Once it gets hot, don't use any oil, just place the pieces of chicken in the hot pan. 

Let them sizzle on a high flame for a minute. 

Turn them over. Sizzle for a minute. Turn the flame down to 'Low', cover the pan with a cover or a plate and set your timer for 12-15 minutes.

After 12-15 minutes, turn the pieces over again, cover. Cook on the same low heat for 10 minutes this time.

Take the pieces out of the pan and place them in a dish. 

Don't waste all that goodness of fat and spices and lovely, lovely gravy that is in the pan. 

Add whatever is left in the packet that held the marinating chicken. Empty the remaining marinade into the pan with the fried marinade. 

Add a little water, 
a little tomato sauce, 
a spritz of soya sauce, 
add a pinch of cornflour powder dusted over the boiling liquid. 

Stir gently as it thickens then pour it over the 'fried' chicken pieces in the dish. Stir them around so all the pieces are coated. 

Chop fresh coriander(cotmir) sprinkle over. 

You can slice some raw onion too and sprinkle salt pepper and a tsp of lemon juice, Mix it gently and spread over the chicken. 

Eat. Enjoy. Best thing ever? No oil used for frying in this dish. Note: if the pieces stick to the pan sprinkle a little water (as much as you can hold in your hand), cover, then gently lift each piece with a spatula. Same, if the sauce sticks.

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